Sicily – Rome  RTS1404

Sicily – Rome RTS1404

The last tour in Italy for this year – Sicily – Rome is about to start. 3 bikes only – it is like being on holiday with friends.  Nevertheless a quite international group –  2 Brasilians, 1 American, 1 Estonian, 1 German tourguide, 1 Italian tourguide – so 6 people, 5 nationalities – let`s go….


IMG_7254 (Small)

I had a perfect flight into Catania

1. Riding Day: Catania – Agrigento

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view from the breakfast room in Villa Paradiso del Etna to the vulcano. Most of the time it is in clouds, but for us it shows up clearly in the morning sun.

IMG_7258 (Small)

Toomas from Estland and Alan

IMG_7259 (Small)

Alan is cleaning my helmet – very good :-)

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Luggage is loaded and after the morning briefing off we go

IMG_7261 (Small)

The guys are preparing their bikes

IMG_7262 (Small)

Toomas from Tallinn is installing the Estonian flag

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Toomas has been on a lot of Edelweiss trips and actually we know each other from the Israel Scouting tour 2008. Nice to have you on a tour again :-)

IMG_7263 (Small)

here the Brasilian one

IMG_7264 (Small)

Roberta from Sao Paulo

IMG_7266 (Small)

Gerson and Roberta – the Brasilians

IMG_7267 (Small)

Dave from Idaho

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Coffee stop in Raddusa – they getting in touch with the”frutta vendolo”

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Villa Romana del Casale – our first highlight today. 2500 year old mosaic covering 3.500 sq in the old Roman Villa. 700 years preserved under mud, discovered 1950, restoration completed in 2012 – a real treasure

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the Corridor of Hunt

IMG_7271 (Small)

the Bikini girls

IMG_7272 (Small)

Lunch in “La Trinakria”

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Agrigento Sicily

Agrigento – yes it is not Athens it is Sicily

Agrigento Sicily1 (Small)

Agrigento Sicily2 (Small)

the temple of Zeus

Agrigento Sicily3 (Small)




2. Riding Day  Agrigento – Cefalu


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DSC01878 (Small)

on the way up into the Mafia area a short stop Cianciano

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DSC01885 (Small)



DSC01891 (Small)

And last not least Corleone



DSC01895 (Small)



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DSC01898 (Small)




After Corleone we had a nice picnic in Godrano

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IMG_7276 (Small)



After lunch coma



DSC01899 (Small)



On the way to Roccapalumba

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DSC01905 (Small)

On the way to Caccamo


DSC01907 (Small)

Good luck that they realized afterwards that it was going down 5 m behind them


DSC01908 (Small)

Flying Toomas


DSC01914 (Small)


the castle of Caccamo

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DSC01921 (Small)



DSC01922 (Small)



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After arriving in Hotel Alberi del Paradiso we went with the group downtown Cefalu. Here the famous Norman Dome

IMG_7277 (Small)


3. Riding Day  Cefalu – Taormina

we left beautiful Cefalu in the morning sun riding along the coast – sunny and warm – and then up into Madonie Mountains towards Castelbuono

IMG_7285 (Small)



IMG_7286 (Small)



IMG_7287 (Small)

Gangi – clinching to the hill – you can buy a house there for 1 € – would be a perfect winter location


IMG_7288 (Small)

IMG_7289 (Small)



We climbed up the castle of Sperlinga






IMG_7290 (Small)









IMG_7291 (Small)








IMG_7292 (Small)



Prodotti tipici – and an portugese speaking owner. Gerson loved it





IMG_7293 (Small)







IMG_7294 (Small)







IMG_7295 (Small)



the lava fields round Randazzo




IMG_7297 (Small)







IMG_7298 (Small)







IMG_7299 (Small)

Mr. Herkules

IMG_7300 (Small)
4 . Riding Day Restday in Taormina – Mount Etna




First coffe stop in Refugio Bruneck – it started to get a little bit colder







Mount Etna in snow


Lava, lava all around







Snow on the street, 4 degrees, brrr



before we went to the hotel a short loop to Forza d`Agro – the filmset for “godfather” – what a spectacular view




and the street up there is like in the alps


5. Riding Day – Taormina – Tropea




the swimmingpool of Baja Taormina hotel – and who is in there???


Toomas…. is taking a morning swim



view from the hotel terrace







come on Toomas – briefing time



we are crossing the Messina Strait today, going to the Italian main land






bye bye Sicily – what a great time what a good riding!!



this is not an Edelweiss Picnic – a wedding is going on in Hotel Tirreno in Tropea






Maybe there are some leftovers for our dinner :-)